Saturday, July 31, 2010


...years ago I was a candidate for the office of Governor of the State of Colorado.  I dropped out before the primary due to lack of support from the Democrat Party.  It was a blessing in disguise.  It is so nice to sit back four years later and watch all of the silliness going on in the election for Governor this year.  I almost feel manic depressive.  Politically bi-polar.  One minute I am up and the next minute I am down.  As a teacher of Political Science I am at a loss for words.  It is almost the same feeling as when you discover that an animal eats its young or a young parent goes berserk and kills all of their children.  That is what is happening in both political parties this election year in Colorado.  The purpose is not to gain an edge on your opponent.  The purpose is to destroy your opponent.  I can only see that this will help some politicians that may not be the best for Colorado.  You decide.  Either that or buy some earplugs and a blindfold and ignore everything.  Or you could shoot your TV.  That is what I did.

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