Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marmion... an epic poem by Walter Scot.  It contains the often quoted statement, 

Oh, what a tangled web we weaveWhen first we practise to deceive!

I was reminded of this as I have read about candidate for Colorado Governor Scott McGinnis and his struggle with the truth.

I have known Scott personally for the past 27 years. I had lunch with him a few years ago in Denver.  He is a former Glenwood Springs police officer.  Went to law school and became an attorney.  Served in the Colorado House of Representatives.  Became a United States Representative in Washington D.C.  Left that to work for a Denver law firm.  He is now running for Governor of Colorado.

There is a family in Beaver Creek with a lot of money who are big supporters of Republican candidates.  Their son ran for my old seat in the Colorado House of Representatives and lost.  He then ran for Colorado Secretary of State and lost that also.  I read recently that he has now moved to California. 

The family apparently paid Scott McGinnis $300,000 to write a paper on water here in Colorado.  It looks like Scott hired a retired water engineer from Glenwood Springs to help him with the paper as a researcher.  That fellow included parts of an old paper written by Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs.  Scott published the paper as is and got the $300,000.  

Now the Denver Post has investigated it and found that Scott plagiarized some of the paper.  Scott blames the researcher.  Scott's campaign has now asked the researcher to take full blame for the error and he has refused and has come out against Scott.  

At the same time a column and a speech that Scott gave a couple of years ago included verbatim text from another document written by someone else.

Today Scott is being asked by some in his own party to step down from the Governor's race.  I think the time has come and I would echo that request.

It is so very hard to find good help these days.

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