Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stock... numbers were way down yesterday.  Maybe Paul Krugman was right.  In my Contemporary Social Problems class last night we were talking about Education.  I always have a hard time with that unit.  Students need to learn how to plan their education.  They need to pick a major sooner rather than later so they don't take a lot of hours that they will never be able to use.  120 hours to get a Bachelor's degree with nearly half of that in your major field in core classes.  The rest are classes that a required by the college as basic required core classes and electives.  I am the worst example in the world.  It took me two years to finish my Associate's Degree and then another thirty three years to finish my Bachelor's degree.  Again, 120 hours needed and I had completed over 200 hours at about seven different colleges.  Not a good plan.  And then the other dilemma for today's student.  What field can I pursue to get a degree that will give me the best opportunity for getting a job. Any job in any place.  A few years ago it was computer science then it went to anything in the medical field.  I wish that I could tell them what will happen in Paul Krugman's scenario for the future.  The best bets are things that relate to food, clothing and shelter.  You know, the basics, the things you need to survive.  Well maybe not the shelter part because we are seriously overbuilt and the population is not increasing very much lately.  Hmmmmm.   What's a teacher  do?

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