Thursday, July 29, 2010


...are you?  Who are you?  Last night as we started review for the final examination in Contemporary Social Problems I asked my students two questions.  What are you?  Who are you?  The topic was identifying people by what group they may belong to or how society as whole views them.  It was kind of funny in a way because a couple of the students could not answer the question.  No one had ever asked them that before so they had never considered what their answer might be.  After a couple of months of spending four hours over two nights a week together I could pretty much tell them what their answer should be and they generally accepted that.  As we trundle through life we must keep in mind that, without much information, people make assumptions about who you are and what you are.  My hair is 3/4 of the way down my back and I wear three earrings much of the time.  People do not peg me as a right wing conservative. I am a liberal independent voter but it has nothing to do with the length of my hair.  Recently I have had a couple of people get angry with the way I look.  Not that it is any of their business.  I think that my look is a holdover from when I was riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and not some sort of political statement.  Some of the most liberal people I know do not have any piercings and have shaved their heads.  I am sure that some conservatives would view them as a kindred spirit.

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