Wednesday, August 18, 2010


...are getting ready to hibernate.  We have had early morning low temperatures below freezing for about a week.  Winter is coming and the cold temperatures are a sure fire indicator that the bears are getting ready to hibernate.  Yesterday was trash day in my subdivision and the bears had a heyday with the trash that people put out overnight.  It happens every year.  I never blame the bears because they are just trying to eat enough for the winter.  The homeowners should know better but they don't for some strange reason.  They forget that we live in the bear's habitat and not the opposite.  I also think this has been a strange year for bears.  A good friend who lives in the Bekkendahl near Breckenridge has been dealing with some bears all summer.  They do not want to call the Division of Wildlife because the bears might be put down as a nuisance.  They would rather put up with the turmoil rather than see a bear killed.  I can't blame them.  Here in Colorado we had a bear get into a car and not be able to get out.  The car actually rolled away with the bear inside.  In the town of Blue River south of Breckenridge a few years ago bears were getting into homes and actually opening refrigerators to get food.  The same year a bear ripped two doors off of a locked Suburban to get to the groceries left inside in Mesa Cortina.  There have been two deaths in Montana and Wyoming recently from Grizzly bears.  I have carefully researched both incidents and I can't find a reason for the bear's behavior.  Even the wildlife biologists are baffled.  I have lived here for forty years and do not have a clue as to what is going on with the bears.  I used to think that this was normal behavior and that the increase in reports was a result of increases in population and development encroaching on bear habitat.  I no longer believe that.  Frankly I do not know what to believe.

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