Friday, August 20, 2010

Eerie... one way to explain this week. I am off for two weeks for semester break which is nice. Of course that gives me an extraordinary amount of time to do "my things." "My things" are those things that I always do alone in my spare time. It involves riding my bike, running and going for long walks in the woods. Lately I have also included photographing wildflowers. Of course the college, knowing that we have a lot of free time, has scheduled three meetings during these two weeks. On Wednesday we had a staff meeting, today I am going to the Rifle campus for an in-service training and next week there is a "back to school" faculty meeting. "Work expands to fill the time allotted." If I have the time then someone will fill that time. Back to eerie. The eerie part is the lack of people on the Recreation Path. Eerie is the lack of traffic on the highway. Eerie are the empty stores after being jam packed for three months. Eerie is so very nice. Nice for "my time."

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