Sunday, August 1, 2010


...Bless Johnny Cash reads a bumper sticker a friend gave me recently from the Waterloo bar and grill in Louisville, Colorado.  Louisville is pronounced Louis-ville and not looee-ville as in Kentucky.  The Waterloo bar and grill is said to be an arm of a place in Austin, Texas.  That is Tex-ass as if you did not already know that.  Actually,  Austin is not really in Texas as they have a whole different set of rules in Austin as compared to Texas which has the dubious honor of having the greatest number of executions in the nation.  Over half of the executions occur in Texas.  Nearly most of the other half occur in Florida.  Go south young criminal.  Go south.  Anyway, back to Johnny Cash.  I actually saw him twice live in performance in my life.  Once in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1958 and the other time in 1967 in New York City at Madison Square Garden along with the Statler Brothers.  In Fort Dodge I actually stood next to him for a couple of minutes before he went on stage.  I could count the hairs in his ear.  That is how close I was.  In New York I was so far away I could hardly tell who was on stage.  In 1972 I threw away about 200 vinyl LPs because I was tired of carrying them around.  That pile included every record Johnny Cash and Elvis had produced up to that point.  I think about that often.  Johnny Cash is dead.  Elvis is dead.  I am alive left with only my memories and a bumper sticker from the Waterloo Bar and Grill in Louis-ville, Colorado.  I did not even get a kiss or a hug.

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