Friday, August 27, 2010

Journalism.. fast becoming a lost art or at least a different art.  The University of Colorado is closing their School of Journalism and Mass Media  and I just got a news feed that USA Today is cutting back and going to more digital media.  I started writing about this a couple of years ago much to the chagrin of the newspaper I was writing for at the time.  It is almost like knowing that someone is going to die and then not having any class and talking about it to everyone.  Well, here goes.  Print media is going to die and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.  Change causes conflict and conflict causes change.  I think the hard part is watching it die.  It would be so much easier if it were ending overnight.  All at once.  No pain.  No agony.  

I remember when I got three newspapers delivered to my house and several magazines in the mail.  No more.  Now all I get are those irritating political mailings.  I have not even had a phone for many years.  I just use my cell phone and never get any calls from politicians or telephone solicitors.  Never.  So very nice.  Now when the mail comes I can just take all of it and put it in recycling without even reading anything.  If my phone rings I know that it is someone I want to talk to rather than some person who wants my vote.  When I was running for Colorado State Representative and for Colorado Governor I actually had people threaten me because they were getting Robo-calls at home from my campaign.  I hated that but they were created and funded by some group I had never contracted with.  Such bliss not to get Robo-calls.  Such bliss not to have to deal with recycling three daily papers.  Such bliss not having to get rid of a bunch of magazines that I never read.  I guess that I am truly blessed to have lived at this time in history. Hooray.

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