Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...is just a word for nothing left to do.  I retired from the Summit County Sheriff's Office in 1992.  I retired as Summit County Director of Public Safety and Summit County Coroner in 1995.  I retired as Summit County Commissioner in 2004.  I retired as Colorado State Representative in 2007.  Now I am just tired.  I continue to teach full time at Colorado Mountain College where I have taught for the past twenty seven years, since 1983.  I started teaching at Metro State College in Denver in 1970 so I guess it is really forty years off and on.  I have lived in Europe, Mexico, Guatemala and Ecuador.  I have spent a lot of time in the retirement havens of Florida, Arizona and California.  I spent my first eighteen years in a small farming community in Iowa.  I just celebrated my 50th High School reunion in Iowa.  Everyone I know is either retired or getting ready to retire.  People ask me almost daily when and if I will now finally retire.  I doubt it.  I love teaching.  If I thought that there was any place better than the mountains of Colorado then I would leave and go there.  Nope.  I am here to stay.  Someday they will have to pry my cold, dead hand from my snow shovel and that is the day that I will actually retire.

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