Tuesday, August 10, 2010


...meander.  As I drove through western Iowa these past few days I was reminded that water is not an asset in Iowa the way it is in Colorado.  We try to put water on our ground and in Iowa they try to remove water from their ground.  My sister and I paid a fee to remove water from our farm and put it into a ditch that eventually ran into the Raccoon River and to the Des Moines River and then to the might Mississippi River.  I went from hither to yon, mostly yon, in these past few days and would cross the Raccoon River twenty times in a few miles.  The roads in Iowa all run either north and south or east and west while the rivers know no limits.  Further west the meandering river becomes the Boyer River that empties into the Missouri River near Omaha and Council Bluffs.  Millions of gallons of water that are all bid good riddance as they find their way to the Gulf of Mexico only to be polluted by the oil from BP's well.  Somehow there is no justice for Colorado or for Iowa

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