Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running... an addiction.  Something about the endorphins.  I did finals last week and about the same time it stopped raining here.  Last Thursday it rained all day and I was only able to get in a four mile bike ride.  Not much work when you have wheels under you. I prefer the pounding of my feet on the trail.  I have even tried the latest fad which is probably prehistoric.  Running barefoot.  It is supposed to be better exercise as you take shorter steps and hence work harder.  Time will tell.  Yesterday I ran four miles into the woods on a flat course.  Later I ran four miles up hill.  Two up and two down.  Like those downs.  And then the regular four miles on the bike.  My daughter and her fiancé came to the mountains and we went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.  I did the salad bar and had gained two pounds when I weighed this morning.  Can't win for losing.  Maybe today I need to double up on my running?  Maybe today I need to cut the food at the salad bar in half?

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