Wednesday, August 11, 2010


...started last week on August 2 in many of the larger school districts in Colorado.  I guess that summer if over and I did not have time to enjoy it yet.  There is a noticeable reduction in the amount of vehicle traffic in our resort community.  Less free time with the children equals less free time in the mountains.  It happens every year but this year is seems so very early.  School goes into the month of June and now takes up much of August.  That only leaves the month of July as a month free of school.  The state law here and in most states mandates 180 days in the classroom each school year.  So why the difference.  I can only surmise that it has something to do with the various breaks during the school year.  There is a fall break followed by the Christmas/New Year break followed by the winter break and ending with the traditional spring break.  That is a total of four or five full weeks off during the school year.  I remember growing up in Iowa when school started the day after Labor Day in September and ended around the last week of May.  That gave use June, July and August off.  The entirety of those three months off.  We were told then that the school year was designed around the farming schedule.  Not sure that was true but it always sounded good.  But who am I to complain.  My youngest child will turn 30 this year and my oldest is 46.  I guess all I can do is keep track of the traffic and notice if it changes with the school schedule.

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