Friday, August 13, 2010


...eight degrees at my house this morning.  On NPR they said the low temperature anywhere in the United States was somewhere in Idaho and was around 40 degrees.  I guess I need to become an official weather station.  A recent phenomenon now has many electronic weather stations all over Summit County and they report directly to the Internet.  I monitor a few of them and they seem to be very accurate.  We do have two official weather stations here.  Rick Bly runs one in Breckenridge and the Denver Water Board has one at their caretaker house on the north side of the Dillon Reservoir.  There is an interesting thing that happens here in the early morning.  Cold air drops to the bottom of the valley and warmer air goes up.  It is likely to be warmer at 14,000 feet than here in the valley at 9600 feet.  It is called "the sink effect" and is very large in the winter in the San Luis Valley around Alamosa.  It gets very cold down there.  So cold that I remember leaving my car running all night long because it would not start in the morning if I shut it off.  Even with the new very cold mornings we are all looking forward to the very best part of the year, September and October, when the nights are cold and the days are just right.  Also, the tourists are not aware of how nice it is and they have gone home for the year.

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