Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unemployment... a terrible thing.  I have been unemployed a few times. I have never collected unemployment benefits because I found a job before the benefits would become active.  But now that we are in the worst recession since the great depression I am seeing more and more of my friends unemployed.  A few years ago one of our local fire chiefs was fired.  The following day I saw him collecting shopping carts in the parking lot of Safeway.  He hit the ground running and took a job, any job, immediately.  He did not sit around whining about being fired.  He did not blame the president of the United States or politicians.  He got up that morning and went to Safeway and got a job collecting shopping carts in the parking lot.  He was making six figures as a fire chief and he was making minimum wage at Safeway.  That did not stop him from working.  He just went to work.  The other day I was in Wal Mart and I ran into a former local police chief stocking shelves as a stock clerk.  He did not let his ego or his pride get in the way of working.  He wanted to work.  He needed money.  He applied as a stock clerk and went to work right away.  The former fire chief and the former police chief both took jobs that were highly visible in the community but that did not stop them.  They both had a higher calling and that was to work.  To contribute to our local work force and to make some money in the meantime.  I worked construction for about four years back in the 1970s and early 80s.  Once after my construction job finished I went to work as a bill collector at a collection agency in Boulder for minimum wage.  I am not sure that my salary eve covered my gas money for the commute.  In another situation I finished a major construction project where  I was making well into the six figure range and I went to work as a clerk in a small convenience store for around $3.00 an hour.  The money was not the issue.  Working was.  My self esteem was.  The funny thing was that I really enjoyed that job.  I was truly part of the community and doing something important for my customers.  I also was driving one of the biggest Cadillac Eldorado's they ever made and was wearing a two carat diamond pinky ring.   The car was parked outside and the ring remained on my finger.  Everyone thought that I owned the store and was not an employee.  When they would ask I would tell them the truth but most could not believe that I would ever work as a convenience store clerk with my work history and my educational background.  That was not the issue.  Everyone needs to feel valuable.  You do not feel valuable sitting at home on the couch feeling sorry for yourself.  My advice to any and all of you who are not working is to go down to the local grocery store or big box store and apply for the lowest paying job in the place.  You will not believe how good that will make you feel.  In Proverbs it says that Pride comes before a fall.  Put aside your pride and go to work today.

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