Tuesday, September 14, 2010


...just seem to slip away this time of year.  The skies are totally clear and the air is even clearer.  So very nice.  I get caught up in the day and soon the day is gone.  As I lay in bed at night I review my daily events I suddenly discover that I have, once again, not written my blog.  Shame on me.  When I don't write my blog for a couple of days my good friends get worried as to my well being.  Because I live alone and will sometimes go for three or four days without human contact they can only picture me laying on the floor mumbling, "I have fallen and can't get up."  I could get one of those button things that calls for help but to have it work you must have a telephone line.  I refuse to have a real telephone because of all of the political Robo calls and house siding solicitors.  Yes, I am on every no-call list but that does not matter.  They still call.  So, I must risk finishing my life laying listlessly on the floor staring at the ceiling wondering why I have not painted it recently.

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