Sunday, September 19, 2010


...are an icon of a cult.  The cult of riding across the country in the middle of the night in below freezing weather.  My high school classmate Keith rode out from Des Moines earlier this week to attend a gathering of Honda Gold Wing owners at Copper Mountain.  He stayed with me all week and spent his days riding just about every part of Colorado with some of the nearly 300 participants in the meeting.  This morning at around 5 am he left to ride back to Iowa.  The outside temperature was around 30 degrees and the sky was very dark.  Such is life in the fast lane on two wheels.  I have done the same ride and I have never been so cold in my life.  I was on a crotch rocket with no windshield or ferring.  Not good.  The 75 mph wind sucks every bit of the heat out of your body even in the summer.  I gave up my Harley about two years ago as a bad habit.  Today I am happy to turn the heat in the Honda up to 75 degrees and enjoy some quiet classical music as I travel.  My hope for Keith is that he can and will ride as long has he want to ride.  Just as I did.

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