Tuesday, September 21, 2010


...feeds on the Internet have replaced my need to feed my news addiction.  It works for me.  Now I am getting over 700 different opinions and sources for news.  Lately they have been focused on how much the Republicans hate the Tea Party.  And that the Democrats love the Tea Party because it splits the Republican vote and might result in some Democrats winning in a few weeks rather than losing.  I find the whole thing to be incredibly amusing.  As a recovering politician and someone now looking at the whole thing from the outside in rather than as before looking at it from the inside looking out...I find the whole thing sidesplitting funny.  Nothing makes any sense anymore.  Last weekend the buzz was that the Tea Party and the Republicans will lose a lot in the election and by yesterday the pundits were saying that the Tea Party has enough steam and power to actually win some elections.  Everyone has to keep in mind that, regardless of it's name, the Tea Party is really not a party.  The party of the Tea Party is the Republican party that really hates the Tea Party but after the Tea Party members running on the Republican ticket win big in November I am sure they will be embraced by the Republicans once again.  Remember, there will be a test later.

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