Friday, September 24, 2010

Positive... flows from my classroom.  It is almost hard to describe.  I think the best example is that, after lecturing non-stop for three hours, my students walk up to me individually and thank me for the class and tell me how much they are looking forward to next week.  In all of my years sitting in classrooms I can't remember that every happening.  I enjoy lecturing so very much.  This semester I am teaching Contemporary Social Problems, American Government, Political Science and 20th Century World History.  I am also taking another class as a student in Latin Film.  I have take several classes in this series and this semester we are watching films in Spanish on immigration.  Cesar Mun is the instructor and is magnificent.  He and I were talking after class this week about how teaching effectively is almost like performance art.  You must be interesting and be able to capture the attention of your students for three hour all by yourself.  Last night my "Smart" board stopped working which also involved all of my audio visual capability.  I left the electronic age and went back to the way they have done it for centuries.  I stood in front of the class without notes or a book and just talked about 20th Century World History.  No props.  No smoke and mirrors.  Just me.  I loved it and I think my class did too.  Daddy, tell me a story and I did.

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