Thursday, September 23, 2010


...has finally come to the high country once again.  With the major fires near Boulder and Loveland I was worried it could happen here.  The closest trees to my house are about a 1/2 mile away over by the Blue River.  But I am always reminded of the Oakland fires a few years ago where the fire jumped sixteen lanes of an Interstate Freeway.  No fire break there.  When a forest fire gets going it super heats the air around it that actually causes things to spontaneously combust regardless of any fire breaks or prevention measures.  I have seen video of houses actually exploding in flames before the main fire ever reaches the structure.  The real miracle in the Boulder fire was the survival of "Sizzle" the black cat surviving the fire and later we found out that the cat was actually 48 miles from home.  Apparently he had lived in the mountains near Boulder in the past and returned during the fire.  Maybe something about being a black cat?

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