Saturday, September 25, 2010


..morning NPR is always a treat.  This morning they were having a discussion with a couple of published authors about their experiences writing and finally getting published.  They quoted many other authors in the discussion also.  One thing that came out is that "writers write" which is exactly what I wrote on my white board in my office back in 1983.  It is not enough to think that you are a writer.  It is not enough to write once in a while.  Writer's write means that you write every day.  Another hint is to start each day writing about something that is true and not made up.  Write what you see out your window.  Write what you are thinking about at the moment.  That will always kick start your thought processes and you will soon be off and running.  Sounds so simple but I know from personal experience that it works.  My computer is in my office in my bedroom.  I have a very large sliding glass door that I look out of the entire time I am writing.  I see a lot of kids and a lot of dogs.  I sometimes see kids with dogs or dogs with kids.  See what I mean?  See how that hooks you into going into greater and more detailed explanations of what you are seeing?  I truly love NPR on Saturday Mornings.  Of course I love NPR every morning.

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