Friday, September 3, 2010


...five degrees at my house overnight.  There was frost on Guy Fletcher's roof.  He is in Arizona so I am sure that he does not care. His friend Cindy had a stroke a few weeks ago and Guy diligently pushes her around circle every day so she can get out in her wheelchair.  She is only 55 years old and not a good thing to have a stroke at that age.  Or at any age for that matter.  Wendy and Amy are two moms in the subdivision with small children.  They are both from New York and in a fine New York tradition they too push their kids around the circle in their strollers.  I remember 46 years ago when my oldest was just a baby.  Her mother insisted on having the biggest, nicest stroller made at that time.  I think that we could have done away with a house and a car and food on the table in favor of having the best stroller that money could buy.

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