Thursday, September 30, 2010


...are wonderful.  My baby daughter is getting married this Saturday to a wonderful man.  I am so very happy.  Happy for the marriage and happy that this year of marriages is coming to an end.  The youngest daughter of my best friend of fifty years got married in May in Phoenix.  My youngest son and the love of his life got married in July.  And now my baby girl.  I am actually getting depressed somewhat as all of the activity of the year is coming to an end.  When we reach these important events in our life it is time for introspective, an examination of the past and the consideration of the future.  It is liberating on the one hand and scary on the other hand.  Whenever someone comes to me for advice on how to handle something bad or something good in their life I always have the same advice.  Take everything one step at a time.  One day at a time.  End each day in reflection on what happened in your life and then get up the next morning in anticipation of the possibility of wonderful things happening in the new day.  That is my advice to myself as I reach another benchmark in my life.

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