Sunday, October 17, 2010


...up the problems do not make them go away.  This morning the BBC interviewed the head of Ford Motor Company.  He had been an executive with Boeing for many years and now is in charge of Ford.  One of the things that he discovered when he moved over to Ford is that the executives were hiding the problems.  Shoving them under the carpet and not dealing with them. They were afraid they would be judged by the number of problems they had.  Hence the problems never went away.  He immediately began to compliment his leaders who brought problems forward and let the organization deal with the issue.  It sounds so simple but I have seen it all my life.  Some people come to work early and leave late.  They are dealing with the problems.  Others come in late and leave early and are only thinking about what they are going to do on the weekend or for their vacation or their retirement.  They are "me" oriented rather than "us" oriented.  Ford is well on track to becoming the best car company in the world.  I only wish that all leaders and organizations felt the same way.

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