Monday, October 25, 2010


...wind warnings this morning.  I get weather alerts from all over the world and today I had high wind warnings for Utah, Iowa, Oklahoma and, of course, Colorado.   I looked out around 3:30 am when I got up and it looked like a normal morning.  Dark.  I was writing away at the computer at around 7 am and I think I felt the house move in the high winds.  Looked out and sure enough we had horizontal snow.  Blowing sideways.  Loveland Basin Ski Area opened yesterday and Arapaho Basin opened this morning.  One of our many local radio stations is broadcasting live from A Basin and they described the snow conditions as heavy, new powder.  Normally they would say fifteen inches of man-made.  Nice.  We have had a very balmy fall with temperatures in the 70s until a couple of days ago.  I was doing my 12 mile daily run in very light clothing and would work up a good sweat every day.  Not today.  I have said this before but I am convinced that the reason people live here are two fold.  First for the views and second for the crappy weather.  Without crappy weather it can get pretty boring around here.

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