Saturday, October 9, 2010


....was the last name of one of the four young men that I provided security for in the summer of 1965.  They were in New York City to perform at the World's Fair at Shea Stadium.  They were also known as the Beatles.  I was normally in the background and did not talk to or interact with any of the Beatles.  I was just there to prevent any of thousands of young girls from molesting them during their visit.  Whenever they show the Shea Stadium concert I can still see myself standing on the dugout at home plate as the Beatles performed on third base.  John Lennon would have been seventy years old today. I even studied his lyrics in a Critical Analysis of Literature class in graduate school in the 1970s.  I have heard a few retrospectives in the past few days and whenever a song comes on I get choked up.  I don't even remember being a big fan in those days.  I had the "Help" album but that was it.  I had also remembered them as they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.  I lived in England in 1962-1963-1964 so I was familiar with them but not a big fan.  I am a much bigger fan today.  Something about growing old together.  We only have Paul and Ringo left to remember.  I was in the New York City Police Department in 1967-1968-1969-1970 and was not there when John was shot and killed.  I did work in the area near the Dakota, the apartment building where John and Yoko lived.  Nice quiet neighborhood and not a place to die.  This morning on Scott Simon's show they played an interview with John a few days before he was murdered.  He talked about not caring about yesterday but caring about the future.  He commented that Bob Dylan, Elton John and he were only about 40 at the time and they had an entire lifetime ahead of them.  Some did.  John did not.

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