Sunday, October 24, 2010

Patience... a virtue that I often forget.  Around 10 am this morning my mouse started acting up.  Out of the blue I could only right click and not left click.  You might think that is not a great problem but when you have to left click in order to do anything It becomes a real problem.  I tried just about everything.  I have a couple of (mice) mouses from other computers and I changed it out and it still did not work.  I have a reinstall disc for the drivers but could not use that because you have to left click to do the reinstall.  I even tried to dump my entire computer and restore the operating system and could not do that either.  I left the computer on for about an hour and came back to see if it had fixed itself and that did not work.  I had given up.  I was going to haul it off to the repair guy or to the land fill (recycling) in the morning.  I shut it down for about two hours and then decided to turn it on and let is sit without messing with it for a couple more hours.  Three hours later I came back and it had fixed itself.  It works fine without my doing anything other than to do nothing.  The more I did the further away from fixing it I got.  I left it alone and lo and behold it fixed itself.  Believe it or not I have had this experience before.  I am sure that Microsoft has some magical thing in their operating systems that makes repairs as long as you do not screw with it.  Teach me.  Once again, the take away for today is to remember that patience is a virtue and it does fix computers.  It is the Microsoft patience factor.

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