Saturday, October 2, 2010


...for the wedding and the subsequent dinner was interesting.  First of all I will admit that I am no fun.  The world "elope" kept ringing in my ears.  And yes, I know that all of the pomp and ceremony is for the bride and for all of the other women of the world.  It is her day.  Her event.  Her major opportunity to showcase herself and her friends and family.  I love my daughter very much and the guy she is marrying is perfect for her.  I wish them the best and that they will have a long and happy life together.  Last night the pastor and his staff could not have been nicer.  He is a long time friend of mine and we have known each other for almost thirty years.  Great guy.  Great church.  I was also reminded of the old saying about the acorn does not fall far from the tree as I watch my OCD self personified in my daughter and her planning.  Every part of the ceremony was well planned and thought out.  Every minute of what everyone was going to do and will do was considered.  Her music is two songs by the rock group "Journey" and the processional alone is nearly five minutes.  Five minutes to walk about thirty feet.  Of course that includes the bride and me, her father, and the six members of the wedding party.  By the way something neat.  Shawn, the groom, picked his sister Desiree to be the "best woman" rather than having a "best man."  That is so cool.  The rehearsal dinner was very nice and included all of the friends and relatives of the bride standing and saying nice things about the groom and the friends and relatives of the groom standing and saying nice things about the bride. I tried to avoid that part and was almost successful until the assembled masses insisted that I stand and give some remarks.  Of course I did and turned it into a quasi-stand up comedian routine.  Yes.  I was sober.  Elope is such a simple word.  Elope is so easy to say.  Elope does not cost a lot.  Elope means you can buy a new car instead of having a wedding.

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