Tuesday, October 12, 2010


...this morning.  Four inches are forecast along with warm weather which will quickly dispatch the four inches.  Oh well.  Such is life.  Such is the weather.  I sometimes wonder why people in their right mind would ever want to live in such a hostile environment.  We have snow about nine months a year.  Then in the other three months we are still liable to get snow.  Housing costs are extremely high.  We can sometimes be charged 20 to 50 cents a gallon more for gas when the retailers pay the same wages, same rent and same price from the refinery that they do in Denver.  I sometimes think that the only really good reason to live in the mountains in Colorado is the view.  Each and every day I can leave my house and enjoy a totally new view based on the time of day, time of year and the weather.  I know that some people who move here are upset with the lower salaries that go along with the higher cost of living.  I remember being told many years ago that you have to add $10,000 to your salary as the cost to you for the view.  It is worth much more than tha

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