Sunday, November 7, 2010


...things that move time.  We fall back as we sprang forward without any noticeable change.  I now have atomic clocks and computers that keep track of the change.  One hour forward.  One hour back.  All mysteriously happening at 2 a.m. twice a year.  I read once that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea but no one liked it then.  I can't imagine the problems with changing all of those old fashioned clocks with their huge weights and pendulums.  Some even had sand while others had water.  In the 20th Century the idea caught hold because they thought it would help the farmers and give them more natural light to work by in the fields.  The farmers hated it.  It is pretty much universal in the United States with the exception of Arizona that is known for living in a different time and place and being out of step with the rest of the universe.

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