Saturday, November 6, 2010


...communication is always tricky.  It is almost as if you throw a ball into the air and it just keeps going. You never know if it lands or if it keeps going forever.  I remember years ago there was a feature you could use that would send you a message when the recipient opened the e mail.  That was nice when e mail lists were not so large.  Today it is not uncommon to have thousands of people on a list and, given that, you might get thousands of replies when the e mail is opened and read.  I use Google's G Mail as my main address but I have about twenty other addresses I could use.  All of those addresses bounce into my G Mail account so people can reply to any address from me and it will always go to the same place.  With Microsoft the default e mail is Outlook or Outlook Express.  That means that when you click on a reply within a Internet web page it will default to Outlook or Outlook Express.  G Mail just came out with a feature that turns that off and will allow you to use G Mail as the default for all outgoing e mail.  Twice in the past week people have told me that they are not getting my blogs. I have checked my list and they are still on the list so the messages should go out.  Another mystery.  I could say that if you don't get my blog let me know.  But if that is the case you will not get this one either.  Another dilemma.  While I am on the subject if anyone wants off of this list just let me know and I will delete your address no questions asked.  Maybe with the election being over I might calm down a bit and go back to writing a daily poem.

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