Saturday, November 27, 2010


...down the road 

as I follow 
one of many 
U Haul trailers 
being pulled 
by a passenger car 
followed closely 
by a husband or a wife 
in another 
car or truck.  

Driving very carefully 
over the high 
Colorado mountain passes, 
not to belie 
being so terribly 
stressed and tired 
from all the days 
to this 
current move.  

A lost job 
or a new 

Off to a new adventure 
or to move 
there is 
no money left.  

A U Haul trailer 
pulled down the highway 
as point in life 
indicating change.  

A point of 
a lost opportunity 
or a new adventure. 

After all 
their slogan is,
 "An adventure in Moving."  

An adventure 
that I would rather miss.

©Gary Lindstrom  2010

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