Tuesday, November 9, 2010


...day in Breckenridge.  Cold and windy.  A great day to stay indoors with a good book.  I normally do not recommend a book that I have not read but here is an exception.  I remember Nothing: and Other Reflections by Nora Ephron. According to Wikipedia: She is an American film directorproducerscreenwriternovelistjournalistauthor, and blogger.  She is best known for her romantic comedies and is a triple nominee for the Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay; for SilkwoodWhen Harry Met Sally... and Sleepless in Seattle. She sometimes writes with her sister Delia Ephron. Her most recent film is Julie & Julia She is a very talented writer and a very funny person.  She was interviewed on NPRs Morning Edition this morning and I had to listen to it a second time.  (For those of you less fortunate who do not listen to Morning Edition,  they repeat it for those of us who are memory impaired.)   One of the themes in her book is something that I have written about many times.  Finding your passion and once you find it to focus on it.  The way she worded it is that at her age (69) a lot of her friends are now having chronic medical issues that preclude doing certain things.  Her message is to find that thing or things that turn you on, that make you smile, that you find fun and go out and do them before life (or death) catches up to you.  What a great message.  Another comment that she made was that we all lay awake at night thinking about our failures.  We dwell on the people, things, relationships that did not go well and burn up a ton of brain cells trying to figure out why things went wrong.  Her thought is why don't we spend time thinking about our accomplishments?  The things that went well.  Glory in the positive and not even waste one second thinking about our failures.  That alone is worth the price of the book.

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