Monday, November 29, 2010

Transparency is a good thing. Thank goodness for Wikileaks

All day and all night 

people are talking 
about the information 
leaked to several 
media sources 
about the 
insider discussions 
on foreign policy.  

Iran is now saying 
that it was all created 
by the United States 
to discredit Muslim countries 
after it was revealed that 
Saudi Arabia 
asked the United States
to blow up 
the nuclear facilities in Iran.  

At this point 
Hillary Clinton 
and Iran 
are on 
the same side.  

She has come forward 
as the number one spokesperson 
for the United States 
against the leaking 
of the documents.  

My advice 
to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Hillary Clinton
is that if you can't stand the heat 
then get out of the kitchen. 

What do people expect?  

The only time 
something can be considered 
a secret is when 
only one person 
has that knowledge.  

As soon as 
that one person 
says something
to another person 
it is no longer 
a secret.  

When two people know 
then it is 
no longer a secret.

Only a fool 
would ever believe 
that people will ever 
keep their respective 
mouths shut.

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