Monday, November 22, 2010

Transportation Security Administration...

...has an 80% approval rating in some surveys.  That means that 80% of the flying public approves of any and all security measures.  They know that the more security measures the safer the flights.  They know that a full body scan or a pat down means that the possibility of a terrorists blowing up their flight is reduced.  So what is up with the other 20% who gets all the headlines?  The 20% that is complaining about full body scans and pat downs?  Why is the media giving them the attention while the majority, the 80%, gets none?  We all know about the 80/20 rule.  In any organization 80% of the members do nothing.  They come to the meetings, eat the food, sit around a jaw a lot and then go home without doing one thing while the other 20% do all the work.  That is true in Rotary, Optimists and in any elected board on this planet.  While, at the same time, the 80% will gladly take the credit for the work done by the 20%.  The 80% is also the most vocal to complain about the work done by the 20%.  This is true.  Check it out.  Most of you know that this is correct.  With Transportation Security we do have an alternative.  We will let the people who do not want full body scans or pat downs fly on planes loaded with kindred souls.  People who object to security.  That way when that plane that blows up with all of the complainers on board it will serve justice while the rest of us will be able to fly as safe as possible on a plane load of passengers fully vetted by the Transportation Security Administration.

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