Thursday, November 18, 2010


...was a negative zero 

around 4:45 p.m.
on Tuesday night 
along a lonely stretch 
of the road 
from the college
to my house.  

Horizontal snow 
the windshield and headlights 
and if it were not 
for the long stream 
of red tail lights 
ahead I would have surely 
ended up 
in the south end 
of the Dillon Reservoir 
next to 
the big green 
sanitation plant.  

Not a night 
for man or beast 
or faculty  
practicing holding 
a breath in 
to keep 
the tires 
on the ground. 

Mind over matter.

To keep them from sliding.  

To keep them moving forward 
and not sideways.  

down to earth
to make it 
to home and hearth 
on a snowy night 
in November
in the mountains 
of Colorado.

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