Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Older

One thing about getting older 

is that there are less new things to experience.  
Yes, somethings appear to be new or different 
but it really is really not.  
They are just a new and different rendition 
of something that we have experienced 
over and over again.  
I have lived here for forty years 
and I still marvel at the beautiful mountains 
each and every day.  
When I stop and spend time with the views 
I know that the mountains 
have been here 
for thousands of years 
but each day they seem new and different.  
It might be the lighting from the sun or the moon.  
It might be the amount of snow on the peaks 
or sometimes the lack of snow on the peaks.  
On very cold days 
when the sun is the most brilliant on the snow 
I enjoy watching the high winds 
blow the snow off of the tops of mountains 
creating beautiful contrails in the sky.  
I think that I dwell in nature at times 
but I do have one major exception 
to seeing the same things over and over again.  
When I have the honor and the privilege 
to see a brand new baby 
I know that I am seeing 
something new for the very first time.  
Perfection that has yet to be hurt 
or destroyed by man.  
Something that is so simple 
and so beautiful 
that we all want to hold it, 
to cherish it, 
to love it 
and to protect it 
for as long as we can.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being President of the United States is easier than being the Mayor of New York after a big snowstorm

At the end of 1960,

the year that I graduated from High School,
the year that I enlisted in the Air Force,
the year I took my first flight, 
I was riding 
on a Greyhound bus 
working my way 
from Iowa to New York City, 
my first duty station, 
when a huge snowstorm 
stopped us in our tracks 
in eastern Pennsylvania, 
to such an extent 
that we and the others around us 
could not move, 
stuck in the whiteness, 
stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike 
in the worst storm known to that area 
when nothing moved, 
we found out that there was 
no food or water on the bus,  
we did not even have cell phones 
because they were not invented yet 
as we had more snow 
than we could handle 
before the plows came, 
we eventually made it to New York City,
to the Port Authority Bus Station 
where there was a connection to the subway 
the F Train to be exact 
to jet me underground to Jamaica, Queens, 
to a Long Island Railroad platform 
to the train
to Hempstead, Long Island, New York 
to Mitchel Air Force Base, 
my new home for a couple of months 
while at the same time 
Mayor Robert Wagner, the mayor of New York City,  
was in deep trouble 
because he could not open the streets, 
the city was paralyzed as it is today 
under Mayor Michael Bloomberg 
who also cannot deal with Mother Nature, 
all that snow, 
I know now that 
being President of the United States 
is an easier job 
than being Mayor of New York City 
after a big snowstorm.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ivory Coast, Iran and Russia

The president of the Ivory Coast lost the election but now refuses to leave office.  

He was following the Nancy Reagan policy of just saying no.  

African and world leaders are telling him to give up and go home.

In Iran this morning there were two reports of executions.  

Two Iranian men were executed today in Tehran's Evin Prison, one for allegedly spying for Israel and the other for belonging to a group dedicated to the violent overthrow of the Islamic revolution. 

One was a self confessed spy for Israel who was hanged following a trial and confession.   

The other person was a member of the loyal opposition and when told to do so refused to sit down and shut up.  

I know that the government wants to send a message to others who might try the same thing but that is not the message that I get.  

This is 2010 and one might think that we have moved past killing people to get a point across.   

The most wealthy person in Russia and the greatest threat to Putin was just sentenced to spend even more years in prison.  

The interesting part of that story is that he has the best lawyers in Russia as well at the best lawyers in the west.  

He still gives interview and has an on-line presence on Twitter and other media.  

The report also mentioned that his incarceration is nothing like that of the dissidents a few years ago who ended up in labor camps in Gulags.  

I guess that time does march on albeit very slowly.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Be careful out there

This morning 

there was a report 
on my news feed 
about a semi east of Denver near Limon 
going east in the westbound lane.  

A sheriff's deputy 
got in front of him 
and shined his light in his face 
and he did not respond.  

The semi did not have it's lights on.  

The semi hit 
a westbound car head-on 
and the driver of that car was killed.  

The semi driver 
was transported to the hospital 
and the Colorado State Patrol 
is investigating 
the possibility of drugs or alcohol.  

Over the weekend 
a young mother 
was on the ski slopes 
near Casper, Wyoming 
when they were hit by a young snowboarder.  

The 5 year old girl 
and the snowboarder 
were both killed.  

Neither were 
wearing helmets.  

Don't ever, ever believe 
that cars on the road 
are all heading 
in the right direction.  

Never, ever believe 
that your head 
is stronger than a good helmet.  

'nuff said.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Forest is Flocked

Flocking 12162010 005.jpg

This is the view from my front deck.  Way below zero this morning. The forest is flocked this morning.  No, not that kind of flocked.  I mean the commercial kind of flock that occurs in your living room around Christmas.  The hills around my home at 9000 feet are flocked to the hilt.  A bright, white flocking all over everything.  But when it comes down to it, who really gives a flock?

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Democrats Blinked

I know that it is easy for me to say 

sitting on the top of a high mountain in Colorado 
protected against all the whims and wiles of congress, 
but the Democrats blinked.  

They blinked on the Defense Spending Bill 
that contained the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  

They blinked on the Tax Bill 
that would have removed 
all the major dollar tax breaks 
for people making over $250,000 a year.  

They are close to blinking 
on the Nuclear Arms Treaty Ratification 
in the Senate.  

They blinked.  

They have not learned 
a thing 
from being in power.  

They have not 
learned the most 
very basic premise 
of being powerful.  

Never, ever blink.  

Decide what you want to do 
and then do it.  

Do not compromise.  

Do not negotiate.  

The shift of power 
in the House of Representatives 
will not occur until January.  

I think that President Obama 
and others have missed the fact 
that the Democrats 
are still in power.  

Stand your ground.  

Damn the torpedoes.  

Full speed ahead.  

You are in charge 
so act like you are in charge.  

Follow the leadership example 
of the Republicans.  

They did not back down.  

They did not give in.  

They did not blink.