Monday, December 27, 2010

Be careful out there

This morning 

there was a report 
on my news feed 
about a semi east of Denver near Limon 
going east in the westbound lane.  

A sheriff's deputy 
got in front of him 
and shined his light in his face 
and he did not respond.  

The semi did not have it's lights on.  

The semi hit 
a westbound car head-on 
and the driver of that car was killed.  

The semi driver 
was transported to the hospital 
and the Colorado State Patrol 
is investigating 
the possibility of drugs or alcohol.  

Over the weekend 
a young mother 
was on the ski slopes 
near Casper, Wyoming 
when they were hit by a young snowboarder.  

The 5 year old girl 
and the snowboarder 
were both killed.  

Neither were 
wearing helmets.  

Don't ever, ever believe 
that cars on the road 
are all heading 
in the right direction.  

Never, ever believe 
that your head 
is stronger than a good helmet.  

'nuff said.

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