Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Being President of the United States is easier than being the Mayor of New York after a big snowstorm

At the end of 1960,

the year that I graduated from High School,
the year that I enlisted in the Air Force,
the year I took my first flight, 
I was riding 
on a Greyhound bus 
working my way 
from Iowa to New York City, 
my first duty station, 
when a huge snowstorm 
stopped us in our tracks 
in eastern Pennsylvania, 
to such an extent 
that we and the others around us 
could not move, 
stuck in the whiteness, 
stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike 
in the worst storm known to that area 
when nothing moved, 
we found out that there was 
no food or water on the bus,  
we did not even have cell phones 
because they were not invented yet 
as we had more snow 
than we could handle 
before the plows came, 
we eventually made it to New York City,
to the Port Authority Bus Station 
where there was a connection to the subway 
the F Train to be exact 
to jet me underground to Jamaica, Queens, 
to a Long Island Railroad platform 
to the train
to Hempstead, Long Island, New York 
to Mitchel Air Force Base, 
my new home for a couple of months 
while at the same time 
Mayor Robert Wagner, the mayor of New York City,  
was in deep trouble 
because he could not open the streets, 
the city was paralyzed as it is today 
under Mayor Michael Bloomberg 
who also cannot deal with Mother Nature, 
all that snow, 
I know now that 
being President of the United States 
is an easier job 
than being Mayor of New York City 
after a big snowstorm.

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