Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Older

One thing about getting older 

is that there are less new things to experience.  
Yes, somethings appear to be new or different 
but it really is really not.  
They are just a new and different rendition 
of something that we have experienced 
over and over again.  
I have lived here for forty years 
and I still marvel at the beautiful mountains 
each and every day.  
When I stop and spend time with the views 
I know that the mountains 
have been here 
for thousands of years 
but each day they seem new and different.  
It might be the lighting from the sun or the moon.  
It might be the amount of snow on the peaks 
or sometimes the lack of snow on the peaks.  
On very cold days 
when the sun is the most brilliant on the snow 
I enjoy watching the high winds 
blow the snow off of the tops of mountains 
creating beautiful contrails in the sky.  
I think that I dwell in nature at times 
but I do have one major exception 
to seeing the same things over and over again.  
When I have the honor and the privilege 
to see a brand new baby 
I know that I am seeing 
something new for the very first time.  
Perfection that has yet to be hurt 
or destroyed by man.  
Something that is so simple 
and so beautiful 
that we all want to hold it, 
to cherish it, 
to love it 
and to protect it 
for as long as we can.

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