Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ivory Coast, Iran and Russia

The president of the Ivory Coast lost the election but now refuses to leave office.  

He was following the Nancy Reagan policy of just saying no.  

African and world leaders are telling him to give up and go home.

In Iran this morning there were two reports of executions.  

Two Iranian men were executed today in Tehran's Evin Prison, one for allegedly spying for Israel and the other for belonging to a group dedicated to the violent overthrow of the Islamic revolution. 

One was a self confessed spy for Israel who was hanged following a trial and confession.   

The other person was a member of the loyal opposition and when told to do so refused to sit down and shut up.  

I know that the government wants to send a message to others who might try the same thing but that is not the message that I get.  

This is 2010 and one might think that we have moved past killing people to get a point across.   

The most wealthy person in Russia and the greatest threat to Putin was just sentenced to spend even more years in prison.  

The interesting part of that story is that he has the best lawyers in Russia as well at the best lawyers in the west.  

He still gives interview and has an on-line presence on Twitter and other media.  

The report also mentioned that his incarceration is nothing like that of the dissidents a few years ago who ended up in labor camps in Gulags.  

I guess that time does march on albeit very slowly.

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