Thursday, January 13, 2011

Education and then mental health

I have always thought that health care has a tendency to take care of itself.

It is self correcting. 
You don't feel well or you suffer some injury and you take care of it as soon as possible.  
Health care is not the problem.  
Paying for health care is the problem.  
It eventually gets paid for either by the patient, their insurance or the government.  
Case closed.  
I think the two most pressing issues we have to deal with today are education and mental health.  
People do not always solve their own education issues.  
It is not like getting sick and then go get an education.
Without a good education you will go through life with a serious handicap.  
Mental health is another major issue.  
Many people suffer from mental health issues and then do nothing about it.  
They do not bleed.  
No broken bones.  
Just a bleeding broken mind.  
There is no negative connotation about getting health care.  
No one looks down on someone because they need education and then go get an education.  
With mental health the issue is totally different.  
The person who is suffering feels guilty for having mental health issues.  
They do not want to go to a therapist and pour their heart out for fear of people finding out what their issues are.  
They keep their feelings to themselves and try to cope the best they can and then, one Saturday morning in Arizona, they go to a Safeway store and fire thirty-one bullets into a crowd killing a few and seriously injuring many others.  
Getting good mental health trumps just about everything.

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