Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keeping in touch is so very important

At times I will write a BLOG every day.  

At other times I will go for days and sometimes weeks without writing a word.  
I would say that it has been too cold to write.  
My fingers do no work well when they are frozen.  
Or I might say that I have not been inspired.  
I can always write about the weather because there is alway some to write about.  
I could always write about politics because it is like the proverbial bad penny.  
It keeps showing up.  
I think that I always get the best response when I write about my personal thoughts and feelings.  
When I strip myself naked (figuratively) and expose my true self.  
People like to see others in a bright light showing all of the wonderful things and all the imperfection. 
You know.  
The way you see yourself.  
I am always amazed at the number of people in this world who prefer to not expose themselves.  
They prefer to be alone or out of the limelight.  
They are reclusive and try their darnedest to be invisible.  
I think that they are in the majority.  
It always reminds me of the experiments that are conducted in public places where they feign a person in trouble.  
The majority of the people passing by ignore the plight of the person.  
They remain invisible not stopping to help someone for fear that they might be discovered.  
The minority will stop.  
The minority will give aid and attention.  
The minority is not invisible.  
Maybe it is the old 80/20 rule.  
Eighty percent of the people are invisible and do nothing while the twenty percent could never not do something.  
I guess we need to give thanks for the twenty percent and pray for the other eighty percent.

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