Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My list

People walking down the street talking to themselves and they are not on their cell phone.

Ideal Market, Wegmans, save the planet, looks like a Prius sales lot.
Somebody says you are beautiful say thank you as it is a test of self respect.
Is a BMW Station Wagon an oxymoron the same way a Porsche SUV and a Mercedes SUV are?
Why do bicyclists have bumper stickers saying "Share the Road" while at the same time they never stop at stop signs or signal their turns?
Compliment people whenever you can because you may not get another chance.  It is the "Wendy Rule."
United States Navy Captain Kelly wants to meet with the parents of the shooter.  What an honorable man.
My weather forecaster is the street light down the road where I can see if it is snowing so very early in the morning.
Peggy Lee sang "Is that all there is?"  an anthem to growing older.
Someone wrote a letter to the editor saying that he remembered a Breckenridge restaurant, "Shamus O'Toole's Roadhouse Saloon" from the 1960s when I remember it first opening in the summer of 1977.  What's up with that?  Maybe he wanted it to be there in the 1960s.

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