Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have been asked 

to review 
a new 
first edition 
of a new 
Sociology text book.  

Look it over.  
Let them know 
if what they 
are saying 
lines up 
with what 
I am saying.  
Am I wrong?  
Are they wrong?  
Who judges?  
Who tells?  
Another legacy.  

A book 
is normally 
for one year.  
One year of notoriety 
with my name 
inside on a page 
that no one will ever read.  

Not unlike the person 
who spends thousands 
for a tombstone 
and then 
no one 
ever visits 
the grave.  

I guess 
I will know.  
I guess now 
you will know.  
I care.  
Do you?

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