Friday, February 18, 2011


I am always amazed at how all people young and old feel that they are bulletproof.  Invincible. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  Faster than a speeding bullet. 

 Last night the news reported that four people had been killed in a car accident at 84th and Washington Street in the north Denver suburbs.  Later they said Grant Street but what difference does it make to the four dead people.  

This morning I got up and the total had been raised to five dead.  Apparently they found another dead body in one of the vehicles when they started to clean up the accident scene.  That is not uncommon.  

This past year a woman disappeared after a car accident and she was not found until the snow melted nearby. She had apparently walked into a field from the accident scene and died.   

The two cars in this accident were an Expedition that was reported to be driving erratically and at a high speed and another vehicle that was going through the intersection.  

Yesterday in another snowstorm here I was coming back from the store and twice people drove straight toward me on my side of the road.  White knuckles.  Brain shuts off in panic.  

Ahead of me later a car was driving about five miles an hour but on the right side of the road.  Still dangerous.  Still white knuckles.  

Several times in the past 24 hours I considered just parking my car and giving it away as the risk to my life and limb.  Owning a car  is not worth the convenience.   Plus riding the bus is an excellent opportunity for me to practice my foreign languages.
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