Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walked uphill both ways

The forecast a few minutes ago calls for minus 30 to 40 degrees below zero wind chill today.  

My thermometer outside my front door said it was a balmy minus 10 degrees.  
Most of the major school districts in the Denver metro area actually cancelled school for today and made the announcement yesterday.
Too cold for the children to stand at the bus stop or to walk to school.  
I was a school administrator for several years in the metro area and we never called off school the day before the bad weather.  
Says something about the amount of trust we had in the National Weather Service.  
The high in Denver today is supposed to be minus 1 degree.  
Yes, the high.  
It will be one of those days where the children will bore their grandchildren with the stories of how cold it was back in 2011.  
Not unlike my generation boring our grandchildren with stories about how we walked five miles to school uphill both ways.

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