Monday, March 14, 2011

A day late and a dollar short and late for school

I love diversity.  

I welcome all of the people of the world who come to my community to live and work.  
I enjoy learning their languages as I know they enjoy learning English. 
Different cultures.  
Different places.  
Different backgrounds. 
It only makes us stronger. 
It does not weaken us one bit.   
This morning I saw all of this in action.  
I have an elementary school bus stop in front of my house. 
Each morning at 8 am I look out to check who is there and who is not.  
Boys and girls alike.  
Some from the United States and some not.   
A little United Nations at my curb.  
This morning at promptly 9 am a young boy about 6 came and stood in the normal place in the street.  
After a couple of minutes the neighbor across the street went over to him and gently told him that the bus was there an hour ago.  
An hour early because of daylight savings time.  
The little boy paused and did not know what to believe.  
He finally walked back to his house with a skip in his step probably imagining that he gets another day off this weekend.  
I love diversity and for those of you do not like pushing one for English, deal with it.  
Thank God you have a finger to use to push one.

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