Friday, June 10, 2011

There is one thing

So after my cast iron stomach blog I will have to tell you a story.

You probably already know this but Mexican food in the US is not really Mexican food.  It is really Tex Mex and only exists in the US and along the border with the US and Mexico. You can also find it in resort cities in Mexico because of all of the Americans visiting and living there.  True Mexican food is not hot. It is pretty bland.  Tacos and Burritos do not exist in most of Mexico.  Taco sauce and green chili does not exist in most of Mexico.  In fact I think that the Genesis of Green Chili is actually New Mexico as they have the very best chili anywhere.  I lived at 10,000 feet in the Andes in Ecuador and lo and behold there was a Taco Bell.  Very popular with the locals.  The food in Ecuador is really very European.

Now back to my story.  I am allergic to wheat/gluten.  I have Celiac disease.  With me it manifests itself with a rash.  It is found in Bran, Rye, Oats and Wheat.  The issue with Oats is more that it is processed in the same place as wheat.

There is one food that I have found that I cannot tolerate.  Chipotle's Naked (No tortilla) Vegetarian Burrito in a bowl.  I really like the way it tastes but do not get between me and the bathroom about an hour after I eat one.  I keep testing this and it is always true.  Don't know why.

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