Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

Twenty degrees and falling this morning at 5 am.  

Not snowing now but it snowed all the way home from Denver last night around 7 pm.  The roads were fine.  The visibility was bad due to the blow-back from the other cars and the trucks.  

The normal fall phenomena was apparent as drivers who would normally go 65 miles per hour slowed to 40 miles per hour thinking that somehow that would make the snow go away.  Very dangerous but common as the first snow comes each year. 

Driving 200 miles a day now allows me to have a new respect for most of the semi truck drivers.  I know why they call them professional drivers as they very seldom take any chances.  They are tooling down the road in their "business" represented by a couple of hundred thousand dollar investment with the truck and trailer.  They want to make some money and be able to get home to mom without a scratch.  

There are exceptions.  This time of year I see a lot of cattle haulers being driven by cowboys from the ranches.  A hundred years ago the cowboys "drove" the cattle to lower altitudes for the winter.  The cold season in the high country is not nice to cows.   These cowboys always seem to drive way too fast and always disregard the speed limit signs.  I imagine that the drive down to the lower pastures might be the only time they drive their trucks all year so they are probably anxious to get back home.  The name of their ranch is always on their doors and on the back the the trailer.  God bless them if they can get home without a scratch driving that way.  I always give them a wide berth knowing how they are.  And yes, in a past life I drove big trucks.

The Nobel Peace Prize was announced this morning honoring three women from Africa and the Middle East who have worked for peace in their countries as well as for women's rights. The New York Times reported, "The Norwegian Nobel Committee honored the three women "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace building work."     Let's hear it for the distaff side.  Good on them.

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