Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I guess that my summer vacation is finally over and I will be sending out my blog again.  If you want off the list then just ask and I will remove your name.  If you know someone who wants on my list then have them contact me.  My blog also appears at

Steve Jobs died yesterday.  May he rest in peace.  I believe that Starbucks Coffee and Apple Computers both qualify as cults.  Think about it the next time someone starts talking about either. They are iconic and nearly god like.  It is not the fault of the companies but rather the fault of their customers and their belief systems.

Sarah Palin decided not to run for President of the United States yesterday.  Good decision.  Jon Stewart on the Daily Show yesterday ran a clip of Sarah Palin talking about Herman Cain who is now tied with Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination.  Sarah Palin referred to Cain as "Herb" Cain.  So sad for Sarah.  I think that she and Michelle Bachman both are verbally challenged.  They are, in fact, their own worst enemies.  If either of them were serious about being a candidate they should both stop talking in public.  If they did, their numbers would surely rise in the polls.  Something about shooting themselves in the (tongue) foot.

We had our first snow in August.  That happens every year.  Yesterday a big storm was forecast for above 9000 feet.  I live at 9017 feet.  So far we only had rain and heavy clouds.  It was actually 44 degrees this morning at 5 am when I got up for the day.  Right now at 10 am it is 50 degrees.  Hardly snowstorm weather.

Right now I am teaching the Sociology of Criminolgy at Metropolitan State College in Denver and Communication in Healthcare at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood.  I also work in the Communication Lab teaching Public Speaking, teach Group Communication on-line, and teach in the Weekend College teaching Conflict Resolution and Effective Presentations.  I will teach the same classes in the spring but will be adding Sociology 101 at Metro and Organizational Communication at Red Rocks.  I will have eleven semester credit hours at Red Rocks and six semester credit hours at Metro.  A total of 17 credit hours.  I guess that qualifies me for full-time.

I just got a news feed that President Obama gave another speech supporting the passage of the Jobs Act.  Heard an economist speak the other day on the topic and he said that Obama had it backwards.  The economy needs to get a major jump start and the jobs will follow.  That was the problem with the first stimulus bill.  It only created jobs in the short term and it did not have a lasting impact on the economy.  I am more personally concerned about Europe and their troubles.  That could hurt the US more than most even want to think about.

I tell my students this all the time.  Never, ever retire.  It is a myth.  Also, never ever quit a job until you have another job.  It is not a good time to be unemployed.  Suffer under the terrible boss or bad working conditions to make sure that you have an income.

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